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Colorism in the Workplace: Understanding Its Impact with Dr. Patrice Le Goy

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Episode Title: Colorism

Published Date: 01/02/2024

Duration: 55 minutes 30 seconds

Hello and welcome to podcast! In this episode we'll discuss the complex issue of colorism, exploring its historical roots, societal impact, and personal experiences. Join us as we engage in thought-provoking conversations with experts and individuals, shedding light on nuances of skin tone bias and the importance of fostering inclusivity.

In This Episode Our host Tony Tidbit and guest Dr. Patrice LeGoy, PhD International Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist delve into the effects of colorism.

  1. Role in Families: Tony Tidbit shares his first experience of colorism.
  2. Role in Society: Impact on likelihood to be discriminated against in school, leading to greater suspensions and expulsions (Highlight preschool to prison pipeline)
  3. Dr. Patrice Le Goy, PhD International Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist delves into the effects of colorism.
  4. Our guest, Dr. Patrice Le Goy, will discuss the background, its role in Families, Society, the corporate and professional world, and the opportunities for healing.
  5. Colorism can have significant psychological and emotional impacts on individuals who are targeted. It can lead to low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

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Colorism in the Workplace: Understanding Its Impact with Dr. Patrice Le Goy

In an insightful discussion hosted by Tony Tidbit, he and Dr. Patrice Le Goy delve into the complex issue of colorism. They examine the discriminatory element present within and outside cultural groups, driven by skin tone bias that often impacts individuals from an early age. Exploring examples from both their personal lives and worldwide cultural experiences, they discuss the damaging psychological effects of colorism. The conversation moves onto the role colorism plays within society and corporate America, with Dr. Le Goy emphasizing the need for open dialogue to raise awareness and instigate change.

00:00 Introduction to the Black Executive Perspective

00:57 Personal Experiences with Colorism

01:52 Understanding the Impact of Colorism

02:26 Guest Introduction: Dr. Patrice Le Goy

03:32 Dr. Le Goy's Background and Expertise

05:11 Defining Colorism and its Prevalence

06:58 The Psychological Impact of Colorism

07:15 Colorism in Different Cultures

09:35 Personal Reflections on Colorism

11:57 Colorism's Influence on Self-Esteem and Opportunities

14:37 Colorism in Media and Society

27:07 Colorism in Education and Professional Settings

28:35 Understanding the Impact of Privilege

28:56 Experiences of Discrimination in Corporate America

29:33 The Effect of Colorism in Corporate America

31:18 The Emotional Trauma of Colorism

31:25 The Struggle of Being Positive in a Negative World

32:09 The Stereotypes of Anger and Aggression

33:04 The Impact of Colorism on Perception

34:35 The Role of Colorism in Hiring Practices

36:38 The Importance of Representation in Corporate America

38:02 Addressing Colorism in Families

40:17 The Importance of Proactive Conversations about Colorism

44:50 Addressing Colorism in Corporate Society

49:33 Final Thoughts on Colorism


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