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Welcome to "A Black Executive Perspective" - a podcast that presents an authentic narrative of Black leaders' experiences in Corporate America. hosted by Tony Franklin, aka Tony Tidbit  and frequented by co-host Les Frye, this platform sheds light on the triumphs, challenges, and the intricate complexities of navigating the corporate world as Black executives.

Drawing from their rich careers in media and advertising, Tony and Les bring forth insightful conversations and inspiring perspectives. This podcast also serves as a bridge, connecting the personal and the professional, and offering a sneak peek into their lives outside the corporate sphere.
In our podcast, we explore a range of topics, including turning points in one's career, balancing authenticity and assimilation, the significance of ancestral legacy in DE&I, and navigating intersecting identities in the workplace. Through interviews with special guests, panel discussions, and relatable anecdotes, our audience can learn from the wisdom and experiences of Tony, Les, and their expert guests.

By sharing our stories and offering practical solutions, we hope to cultivate a community of Black professionals, allies, and advocates for DE&I who are determined to drive social change from within corporate America. Our commitment to empowering individuals to become agents of change resonates throughout each episode of our podcast and video series.

Join us on this journey as we fortify our collective understanding of what it means to be Black professionals in a world where equity and equality are not yet universal. Together, we can shape the corporate landscape into a more inclusive and equitable space for all.

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"TonyTidbit: A Black Executive Perspective" is dedicated to giving a voice to the often-unheard Black executive experience while fostering an environment that encourages diverse viewpoints and thought-provoking conversations. We believe in the transformative power of dialogue, as it serves to unite, educate, and inspire people from all walks of life. Our goal is to empower Black professionals to navigate and thrive in the workplace while inviting our allies to actively contribute to creating positive change within their organizations and society.


We envision "A Black Executive Perspective" as a crucial space to openly discuss race-related matters in corporate America. We seek to thoughtfully and intentionally explore the Black executive experience, unearthing new insights and providing actionable guidance for better understanding and advocacy in the workplace. We aim to create a strong and supportive community, united in our pursuit of inclusivity, respect, and understanding of one another's perspectives.


The roots of "TonyTidbit: A Black Executive Perspective" lie in a poignant moment in recent history. The murder of George Floyd and the global social unrest of 2020 stirred the collective conscience, sparking conversations about race relations not only in our communities but also in our workplaces.

Our host, Tony Tidbit, a seasoned industry veteran with a rich leadership history, responded to these turbulent times by fostering candid dialogue right within his corporate workspace, facilitating "An Open Conversation About Race." These enlightening weekly meetings became a beacon of authentic, impactful conversations about race, resonating deeply and earning widespread appreciation.

However, the scale at which these conversations were capable of making an impact got Tony thinking. The acclaim and positive response that "An Open Conversation About Race" received underscored an urgent need – the need for a broader, more inclusive platform to amplify these crucial discussions.

This sparked the idea of 'A Black Executive Perspective'. The podcast is a manifestation of Tony's vision to provide a platform where the often-unheard voices of Black executives in corporate America can make themselves heard. It's an extension of that original dialogue, reflecting the same purpose but on a larger, more influential scale.

A Black Executive Perspective has already become a game-changer, challenging, engaging, and inspiring its audience. Join us on this journey as we transform the narrative on diversity and inclusion in corporate America, one conversation at a time.


Canva Design DAFtXhHtJSQMeet Tony Franklin, who audiences affectionately know as TonyTidbit, is the acclaimed host of “TonyTidbit: A Black Executive Perspective” podcast. His professional journey, which spans over 26 years in the media industry and an enriching tenure as an Army veteran, is a testament to his exemplary leadership. He is celebrated for his consistent efforts to inspire growth, initiate innovation, and advocate for the importance of diversity and inclusion within the corporate world.

Entering the professional scene in 1997 as a Sales Account Executive in the advertising industry, Tony gradually navigated through multifaceted roles across several leading media and tech companies. His strategic acumen significantly amplified market share and drove unprecedented revenue growth, further establishing his reputation in the industry.

Outside the professional sphere, Tony is a devoted family man, cherishing his moments with his wife, Gayle, and their three daughters, Samada, Mikaela, and Madison.

Compelled by the social unrest and public outcry that marked 2020, Tony took the initiative to host “Conversations about Race” within his workplace. These insightful dialogues created a safe space for open, candid discussions about race relations, particularly in the context of corporate America.

These transformative conversations led Tony to establish the “TonyTidbit: A Black Executive Perspective” podcast. Here, he leverages his extensive professional experience to spark essential conversations on the authentic Black executive experience. His enlightening episodes continue to guide, inspire, and educate advocates, executives, and individuals new to the DE&I space.

We invite you to join TonyTidbit on his ongoing mission to foster a more inclusive corporate America. Engage in the compelling conversation on diversity and equity, and gain valuable insights from one of the most innovative voices in the corporate world.
Canva Design DAFtXoY00mAMeet Leslie (Les) Frye - a dynamic and versatile professional, a committed advocate for diversity and inclusion, and a co-host on our enlightening podcast, "TonyTidbit: A Black Executive Perspective."
Les carries a legacy of experiences under her belt, navigating through various spaces - entertainment, film, television, and a host of corporate roles. Her drive, passion, and strategic acumen have helped leave an impressive footprint, contributing to the growth and market-share enhancement of leading firms.
Her stint at a renowned global technology company adds a unique facet to her profile, combining creativity with corporate rigor. Coupled with her roles as an Executive Producer and Content Creator at two groundbreaking media production firms, Les has varied spectrums to her credit.
However, Les is not just about business. Her dedication and commitment extend beyond boardrooms. Serving at a diversity and inclusion initiative at a popular media company, and as the VP at an inter-tribal council organization, she has been a torchbearer for fostering conversations on diversity, inclusion, and equality.
Her foray into the acting industry underlines her creative prowess as she takes on the hats of Actress, Writer, and Director. Through her endeavors at renowned talent management agencies, she is an established force, managing and promoting talent simultaneously.
Beyond her accomplishments, the heart of Les's narrative lies in her belief in dismantling barriers and celebrating diversity in all forms. Her narratives on LinkedIn offer a closer look at her inspiring journey.
At "TonyTidbit: A Black Executive Perspective," Les channels her experiences and insights into meaningful conversations that engage, inspire, and educate. She advocates for an equitable, inclusive, and diverse corporate landscape, where everyone's voice is heard.
Join Les in creating this narrative - one conversation at a time.

Tony Tidbit

Les Frye

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