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An Open Conversation on Race with corporate America

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A Black Executive Perspective: Amplifying the Narrative of Black Executives in Corporate America

The inaugural episode of the 'Black Executive Perspective' podcast, hosted by Tony Tidbit, an advertising media executive and army veteran with over 30 years in the corporate world. The episode explores the barriers and achievements of black executives in a world where diversity and inclusion initiatives are finally gaining traction. Tony invites listeners to join him and his guests in honest, open dialogues about race in corporate America, sharing personal stories, advocating for diversity, shattering stereotypes, and discussing practical tools to navigate challenges. The series aims to serve aspiring leaders, advocates, and innovators, while providing a platform for powerful stories that fosters lasting change. In this inaugural episode, he introduces co-host Les Fry and discusses their shared mission to educate, inspire and bring awareness to racial issues within the corporate space.

0:00 turning points

00:03 Introduction to the Podcast

01:56 The Host's Background and Mission

02:58 The Importance of Open Conversations about Race

05:04 Introducing the Co-host

05:55 The Power of Conversations in the Workplace

08:00 Understanding the Term 'Bipoc'

10:58 The Podcast's Purpose and Audience

21:43 The Impact of Turning Points

22:25 The Co-host's Personal Turning Point

32:11 The Host's Personal Turning Point

35:43 Childhood Lessons on Race

36:20 Journey in Corporate America

37:02 Experiences as a Black Executive

37:36 Starting a New Job During the Pandemic

38:47 Impact of George Floyd's Death

40:25 Sharing Personal Experiences with Race

41:33 The Power of Open Conversations on Race

42:09 Continuing the Conversation in a New Company

48:34 The Importance of Active Listening and Non-Judgment

54:26 The Impact of Open Conversations on Race in the Workplace

57:28 The Launch of the Black Executive Perspective Podcast

01:01:55 Closing Remarks and Future Plans

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